Keep track of all website activities

Monitor websites in real-time with segmented metrics that provide you with instant insights on your traffic and user behavior.


Measure the reach of your website by studying traffic sources, visitor statistics and demographics.


How engaging is your website? How long does the visitors spend on each page? Find the answers on the clickstream app.


Track end-result activities such as signups, downloads, purchases & subscriptions with the custom variables.


How is the visitor experience on your website? How often do they return for more information or products? Track it all.


All-in one web analytics tool

IQLECT's clickstream app extracts and provides teams with plenty of data to work with. In addition, the app comes with built-in dashboards, charts, key insights, analytics and more.

+ Charts | + Data Streams | + Dashboards

Don't just extract clickstream data but receive insights on metrics that matter from the IQLECT clicstream app

Experience the app

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