Reference Data

E-commerce companies need to keep a record of data related to their premium customers, orders, or products along with other metrics that they receive on a daily basis so that they can utilise the collected information for developing marketing strategies and boosting business performance.

Every data point collected over the course of time can be beneficial for the growth of the company and for this the reference data feature can serve the required purpose.

In case you want to use historical data to correlate with the streaming data then you can use the Reference data feature and transfer files to and from BangDB (platform developed by IQLECT) to local file systems or Hadoop file systems.

Here are the steps that you need to follows to use this feature:

1. Select a source and destination from the drop down list where you to want to transfer the files. Click Next.

2. Copy the command that is generated and run the same on your system. You just need to perform this step during the time of installation.

3. Provide the path of the file that you want to upload or download. Click on Generate Command.

4. A command will be generated which you can Copy on your machine for uploading or downloading the data. Clicking on Edit will take you back to Step 3.