Getting Started with IQLECT’s Shopify App ‘ShopIQ’

How does the app works?

Install the App

Visit the Shopify App store to get access to IQLECT’s Shopify app. Install the app from the platform and sign-in with your login credentials to get started. (See section 1.3 for more)

Installing ShopIQ


Once the app is successfully set up, the data will start streaming instantly. You can access the functionalities on the dashboards for standard visualization and insights. The users just need to initiate a query and choose the charts to study the data points and their comparison. With this, you will be able to keep track of the trends and changes over time.

visualising the ShopIQ


Try out different analysis features on the platform using the streaming data and monitor the customer behavior. Functionalities such as ad-hoc query, predictive analysis, stream aggregation, among others will enable you to act upon real-time data and generate insights that would be beneficial for your business on a long-term basis.

Analysing data with ShopIQ


You can customize the dashboard and add advanced capabilities to deliver user engagement and drive high-value outcomes. By training models, creating charts, and customising email reports you will be able to analyse the key aspects of your e-commerce business and also share the same with the members of your team.

How to customize ShopIQ app