Analytics has become the need of the hour today and is used by the e-commerce leaders for measuring and improving the multichannel digital customer experience. The e-commerce market is evolving and to keep pace with the market demands it is necessary to analyse customer behavior, application performance and usage patterns to improve the digital customer experience.

Even the slightest of information about a customer, order, or the sales can make a huge difference in garnering conversions. IQLECT’s Shopify app will enable you to use real-time analytics to discover hidden insights and relationships in the online store’s data which can be utilized to enhance the overall business performance and customer experience.

With this app, you can gain actionable insights from 270+ KPI, predictive models, and enhanced visualization from 30+ dashboards.

You will get comprehensive reports to leverage your business performance by browsing the dashboard. The retailers can also apply analytics to get an overview of the user flow to drive functional enhancements and improve customer experience. Furthermore, here are some of the key modules that make IQLECT’s Shopify app an ideal choice to analyse your online store:

Interactive Landing Page

The IQLECT’s Shopify app is equipped with a user-friendly interface and has dashboards that give an in-depth insight about what is going on your online store. You can easily track down the customer journey and use the information for making their experience better every single time they visit your online store.

Apart from that, you can also view the product-related reports such as the cart values, order progress status, popular brand, and many more in real-time. With this app, you can do a complete page analysis of store and determine the pain points that might be causing hindrance in your business.


The dashboards help you to take a look at insights which are often nestled deep within the data such as abandoned carts, orders count, customers who have canceled the order, etc. By using IQLECT’s Shopify app, you can process such information easily and make instant business decisions to boost conversions.

Report notifications

Users of IQLECT’s Shopify app would be able to receive updates and notification related to their online store through e-mails and API calls. With this feature, you will get timely updates on what is going on your store and receive notifications that you might have defined for keeping you informed frequently.

For instance, you can set the notification for the cancelled orders by setting a notification template and specifying the time period within which you want to be notified along with the notification message. Doing so will help you to keep track of the number of cancelled orders and take business actions as per the need of the hour.

Real-time capabilities

By integrating the IQLECT’s app on your shopify platform you would be able to keep track of everything that is happening in real-time on your online store. This will enable you to gain regular insights and take instant actions.

Ad-hoc analysis

With functionalities such as ad-hoc analysis you can extract information within a time range and make business decisions that would be profitable. The data generated would be useful in determining the critical points in the business process at any point in time.

Predictive Use Cases

Predicting the behaviour of the customers on your website can be beneficial for the business as you can plan out strategies that would keep them engaged and garner sales. IQLECT’s Shopify app is equipped with the predictive analytics feature that can be used to determine customer responses or purchases and promote cross-sell opportunities depending on the customer behaviour. You can train predictive models to attract, retain and grow your most profitable customers.