Adding Notification Templates

Follow the below mentioned steps for adding notification templates:

1. Click on +Add New Notification Template that you will see on the right corner of the window when you launch the Notification Template feature.

2. Provide a name for the notification so that it gets easier for you to recognise it when it shows up.

3. Select the type of users (Can be created by choosing the Group option present on the drop-down list when you click your account name on top right corner of the app window. See section 9.) who will receive the notification.

4. Indicate the time frame within which you want to receive the notifications so that you get updates on a timely basis.

5. Choose where you want to be notified. By default, the setting is available for the Email option.

6. Provide a notification message for the template.

7. Set the priority level for the notification.

8. Provide a tag that acts like a metadata tag and helps in finding messages with a specific theme or content. You can also save the notification as a template by clicking on the checkbox provided.

9. Click Submit.

Once done, the new template will appear at the notification information section where you can also edit it later on.