Page Analysis

The Page Analysis dashboard shows you the number of views for each tracked page on your website and helps in determining the pages which are being visited the most. This dashboard can be used to:

• Identify the web pages that are being visited less, so that you can highlight them more prominently.

 • Measure page views to promotional, sign up, or order pages for marketing effectiveness

 • Monitor the traffic on all pages through readable charts/widgets.

 • Determine the pages or products in which your customers are interested.

page analysis
Chart Description
Page Views   Displays the number of views on your website depending on the time for which you want to gather insights, browser type, and device.
Average Views Average number of views on a particular page.
Exit Rate Across Pages Exit Rate is the percentage of visits that were the last in the session.
Page Views by Browser Total number of page views made through a browser
Page Views by Device Type Total number of page views made through a device.
Page History Displays the total number of views, bounce rate, overall exit rate,