Dashboard Overview

Overview provides a quick look into the page and visitor activity on your website. Here, you will get to see the information about the sessions, the number of views, along with total sales and other important information related to your website.

Dashboard overview
Chart Description
Session Count Total number of unique sessions.
Visitor Count Number of unique visitors who accessed the website.
Total Sales Total sales made in a given period of time.
Page Views Number of pageviews at a given period of time.
Overall Bounce Rate Overall percentage of visitors on the website who navigated away after viewing only one page.
Overall Conversion Rate Number of conversions upon the number of visitors.
Page Views Per Session Number of page views in a particular session.
Average Session Duration Average time at which a session lasts.
Site Profiling Contains information about the website such as its connection time, load time, lookup time, response time.
Average Load Time Average time taken by the page to load.
New Visitors Number of new visitors on the website.
Returning Visitors Number of returning visitors on the website.