Link Data Source

At times, the eCommerce companies fail to detect the issues related to business metrics such as abandoned carts, failed payment transactions, or purchases which might directly impact the revenue model.

For detecting such real-time anomalies, you can use the link data source feature which helps in creating explicit dependency between two or more streams and their attributes. With this, you can identify the root cause of anomalous data that reaches Ampere. The operation on this page impacts the “Drill Through” feature within the system.

In order to link data sources, follow the steps below:

1. Select the “main stream” at the topmost dropdown field.

2. Select a sibling stream. This stream will be the impacted by any change in “main stream”

3. Select attributes. Any charts built on these attributes will be linked to the main stream as the root cause.

4. Click “Save” to complete the process.

5. Once the link is created, it will appear on the row on the same section.