Email Reports

Timely analysis of the e-commerce data can be beneficial for the business teams to take quick actions and act upon the marketing strategies that would garner conversions. Mailing the business reports across teams is an ideal solution and would save on a lot of time.

Email Reports feature available with the IQLECT’s Shopify App enables you to generate notifications related to the dashboard on a timely basis which can be shared with the members of your team. With this, you can keep an eye on specific aspects of your e-commerce business and generate useful insights.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create email reports:

1. Provide a report name so that it becomes easier to recognise it.

2. Choose a group with whom you want to share the dashboard.

3. Select the Dashboard that you want to send via email reports.

4. Select the time interval within which you want to be notified.

5. Give a small description about the report. You can also specify the time at which you want to receive the report. In case of weekly and monthly reports, you can choose the day on which you want receive the reports.

6. Click Submit.

Once done the notification will appear on the right side of the app window. You can then disable, enable or delete it according to the requirement.