Notifying the team members regarding about a specific entity, say, ‘Cancelled Orders’ can help in taking quick business actions related to user engagement so as to determine reasons behind cancelling an order. This information would help in initiating marketing campaigns for boosting sales.

To initiate such notifications, the Action feature can help in triggering alert/notifications on a specific condition for a data stream. By using actions effectively, you can take corrective measures regarding the business process and share the notifications with the team members.

The Actions page displays the list of actions that are currently available and also allows users to create new action.

The following labels describe the existing actions in the system.

Action name: Refers to the action.

Notification count: Shows how many times the condition has been met in the last interval.

Status: Toggle switch to turn an action on or off.

Copy: Duplicate the action.

Search: User can search an action by providing an action name.

Creating an action is tightly connected with notifications. To create an action provide the following:

1. Provide a label/name for the action that is being created.

2.  An action can be taken on this list of streams provided in the Select Input Data Stream option. It includes regular streams and derived (aggregated, complex) streams. You can choose a stream from the list.

3.You can then Add Condition for the time when you want to get notified. Along with that, this contains the list of conditions under which the action will be triggered.

4. The Action Condition can be defined by indicating these values:

Field Name: The attribute value that will be checked for condition.   

Operator: The list of comparative operations to be performed.   

Value: The user-defined value against which the field is value to be configured.

Get Notified When: Defines the frequency of occurrence upon which the action is triggered.

5. Occurrence: Defines the frequency of occurrence upon which the action is triggered.

6. The group selected under Get Notified At will be notified upon meeting the condition. In case an API endpoint is defined then the API endpoint will be triggered.

   Note:  API endpoint is an optional field to provide an API endpoint that can be triggered in case of the conditions being met.

7. Click Submit to complete.

Upon submission, the new action will be formed in the list of actions.