App Settings

The App Settings allow you to transfer data from your e-commerce website to the BangDb Server which can be later retrieved as per the business requirement.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for initiating the transfer process:

  1. Choose a stream whose data you want to send to the BangDb server, the information about which will be indicated in the sending instructions. The instructions are available in Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and C.
  2. Click on Download Client so that the script gets downloaded on your system in the form of a zip file. You can also refer to the Instructions provided on the extreme right corner to get a clear idea on following the settings procedure.
  3. You can then Copy the chosen code instructions in the command prompt and run the code to initiate the process.
  4. Once the query is executed, you will get a message (need to specify it) for successful implementation of the query for the transfer of data from your e-commerce website to the BangDb server.