Stream Analysis

The stream analysis feature enables you to examine high volumes of streaming data on your online store in real-time which can sometimes prove to be a cumbersome to handle. Using this, you will be able to extract information from data streams and identify relationships between different streams. You can then use these information to trigger actions such as creating alerts and notifications.

The necessary requirement for this function is the presence of an aggregated attribute on which the analysis will be done. However, if no aggregation is available on any of the attributes, the system will prompt for an aggregation. Upon selecting the aggregation, a new stream will be created in the background.

Follow these steps for analysing a specific stream:

1. Select the stream that you want to analyze.

2. Select the time period for which you want the analysis report.

3. Click on Fetch Data.

4. In case there is no Aggregation (See section 5.7) on the selected stream, a pop-up window will open that will ask you to proceed with this step. Otherwise, you can choose an already created aggregated stream for analysis.

5. You can then select an attribute that you want to aggregate with the stream and Click Create Aggregation. This will take you to the Aggregation feature of the Customize tab. You can follow the same steps for creating an aggregated stream as indicated in section 5.7.1.

6. Once this is done, you will get to see a chart that indicates the analysis done on the aggregated stream along with a table that shows the data present in the specified data stream.