Data Science(R)

Data Science function enables you to analyze data within a given time frame and plot a chart of the attributes provided by the user using R programming language. This means that you can extract information for every single minute and analyse it to make business decisions.

The following functions can be used to plot a chart:

  • Density Plot:  Density plot is used for data exploration and analysis. It is similar to a histogram but height of the plot at a given x-value corresponds to the “density” of the data.
  • KMEANS: Plots KMeans cluster after analysis of the data.
  • Box plot: Compares the distribution of data across data sets by drawing boxplots for each of them.
  • Co-relation matrix: Used to investigate the dependence between multiple variables at the same time.
  • Histogram: Represents the frequencies of data values of a variable in continuous ranges.
  • Matrix of Scatter plots: This is a useful way to visualize the relationship between two variables.
  • Regression Diagnostics: Determining whether a regression model fit to the data adequately.