Initiating operations in CEP

There are two main operations for complex event processing that are provided by the IQLECT’s Shopify app which are as follows:

  1. Filter streams: It filters the streams according to a specific condition.     
  2. Combine streams: It combines two different streams to form a completely new stream which can be used for in-depth analysis on the business metrics.                      

Steps to use of the filter streams:

  • Select a data stream or derived/analytics stream to be filtered.    
  • Select   the condition and attribute to be filtered.           
  • Choose the attributes for the new stream. You can also add more attributes by clicking on ‘+Add attribute(s)’.        
  • Provide a stream name for the output stream.

Steps to use the combined streams:

1. Select   the two streams to be combined. The attributes from the second stream should be a subset of the first stream if there is a looping condition.

2. Select   the output attributes > Click and select the attributes from stream 1 and stream 2. You can add new attributes by clicking ‘+Add attribute(s)’.

3. Provide a joining condition as stream 1 and stream 2 will be combined when this condition meets. You can add more conditions if required.     

4. Create a loop for the condition that will create a boundary parameter for checking the condition. Specify the number of times the condition must be met in the given time frame.     

5. Define the looping condition using the “Add Condition” link in the “Where” section.

6. Click “Till” checkbox to provide the condition to break the loop.     

7. At last, give a stream name for the output stream.