1. How do I install ShopIQ app?

Shopify account users can install the app by following the given steps:

  • Sign in to your Shopify account > Click Apps in the left-hand side menu of your admin page.
  • Tap the Visit Shopify App Store button > Enter the App’s name in the search bar.
  • Once the app detail page opens, click on Add app.
  • You will be directed to your admin page where you can click on Install button. You can also opt for the free trial, the option for which will appear on the right side of the window.
  • You will now be taken to the login page to Create a new IQLECT account. Provide your email id with which you have registered on Shopify along with the password.
  • Click on Submit to finish the installation process.         

What to do next?

• When the installation is complete, you will be directed to the homepage of the app where you can access the dashboard by clicking on the My apps tab.

Choose the Apps option present in your admin page.

2. How do I use ShopIQ on my store?

After login to the Shopify admin for your store, please select Apps in the left hand navigation. You’ll see ShopIQ app if it is installed for your store. Click on the app and start using it. Our app is integrated with Shopify in a manner that you don’t need to leave the Shopify Admin dashboard to use IQLECT analytics. You’ll be able to get all the reports, dashboards and other advanced features from the Shopify Admin itself.

3. Can I get an extended trial?

We are providing 30 days free trial of ShopIQ IQLECT app. If you use the app for 30 days then you’ll have enough data and reports to understand analytics for your store. We are providing all the functionality of the app during trial period. If you still have doubts about anything related to IQLECT app, please feel free to contact our support team. We’ll be happy to help.

4. Is IQLECT secure?

IQLECT is highly secure. We are using AWS for all our cloud needs. Being a real-time data analytics company we don’t store your data on our server. We are running the app on highly secure cloud. Please be assured that your data will not be compromised at any stage.

5. Where can I see the app demo?

We are providing 30 days free trial. We are not limiting our app’s features in free trial. You will get the entire app features to use for 30 days. See the video and website to know more about the IQLECT’s ShopIQ app and feel free to contact us in case of any query.

6. What Shopify plans does this app work with?

We are not limiting IQLECT app to any Shopify plans. You can use the advanced predictive ecommerce IQLECT app on your store for all plans of Shopify.

7. What IQLECT provides on top of Shopify’s current reports?

IQLECT works in real-time. You can have clickstream (web analytics) as well as advanced e-commerce analytics with a granularity of 1 second. We don’t store data to process it; instead our analytics works on-wire. As soon as data is captured our apps will be ready with charts, reports and dashboards.

IQLECT app is offering predictive analytics for your Shopify store. Based on the data of short-term and long-term user interaction on store we are providing prediction about user behavior and products. You can also train a model based on the historic data and our app will provide predictive analytics in real-time using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Few of the highlights of IQLECT App:

  • Boost e-Commerce business performance by using powerful real-time streaming analytics
  • IQLECT brings enterprise-grade advanced e-Commerce analytics to the Shopify platform in a cost effective manner
  • Analyze insights from actual clickstream data to chart your store’s growth and performance
  • Leverage IQLECT’s real-time analytics platform to visualize, monitor and optimize business performance

8. How real-time advanced e-commerce analytics works?

Instead of storing data and processing it for reports, insights and notifications, IQLECT works in real-time. All the analytics happens on-wire. After ingesting the data into different streams we aggregate it and give instant notifications, reports and dashboards with the sub second latency.

You will get the analyzed data as it happens without any sampling.

9. What is ad-hoc query and how it will help my store?

Ad-hoc query function allows you to ask queries on a portion of the streamed (continuous and steady flow) data. To perform this operation select the appropriate values that appears on the form and click “Plot”. Select the stream on which you would like to run the query. Choose the type of chart and choose the attributes which you want to include in the plot. After choosing time granularity, click “plot” to display required chart.

IQLECT app works in sliding window manner. It shows real-time data and reports and keep changing the reports in every 5 minutes. Ad-hoc query will help you to analyze a particular data source for a selected granularity. It will help you to get an idea how customers are behaving on your store for a given period of time. Based on the data and reports you can take actions on your store to improve your sales and engage customers.

10. What can I expect from IQLECT’s real-time and predictive analytics for my Shopify store?

IQLECT’s ShopIQ app is a complete analytics solution for an online store. We are providing clickstream and advanced e-commerce analytics in real-time. By using ShopIQ you don’t need to add any other Shopify app for analytics and reporting purposes.

ML and AI capabilities are inbuilt in our app. You will get predictions about user behavior and sales in real-time. ShopIQ app will take care of all the notifications, reports, charts and dashboards which are required to understand the marketing, sales and functioning of your store.