“We were first introduced to IQLECT as part of the 2016 Cisco LaunchPad event where we collaborated on an additional use-case. We have been associated with them since early 2017.” Read More


“Unbelievably simple way of doing the incredibly complex task of analyzing our data from multiple sources in real time, correlating them and helping us predict & take super quick actions.”

Sello Mtshali

"I am evaluating various High performance and reliable key value store nosql database, and noticed that Bangdb is one of the best one (based on the comparison).."

Mohammed Kutty

"Thanks for this great work with BangDB: simple and efficient, like any software should be of. I am thinking to use BangDB in a video game production workflow I am designing for my company."

Sebastian Weyrauch

"just stumbled over BangDB while looking for a performant k-v store. Looks _very_promising but since I'm a Windows/Java guy it would great to have BangDB Embedded for Java Windows."


"I'm developing a scientific knowledge management system, that it will be available for free, probably under apache license. I would like to use BangDB for persistence, due to the hight performance of it..."


"I am a new user of bangdb and is attracted by your performance comparison with other nosql dbs.thanks for your great work !"