Data Science Leader


“We partnered with IQLECT to develop an end to end marketing automation and lead generation app which increased the conversion rate by 2x and generated 15% more incremental leads. IQLECT is the next best thing for next best action. IQLECT purpose built NoSQL, BangDB brings convergence of AI and streaming to enable hyper real time scenarios which are needed to solve such advance problems. We did not find any other vendor who could match the business outcomes generated by IQLECT”


Manager - Technical Services


"IQLECT has worked on initial ontology project for Cisco product and support pages to help automate processes in the CRM team. Together we deployed the platform along with solution within Cisco in Q3 2017 and we are exploring deeper integration with the platform for more use cases. This has also been presented to Cisco leadership who are very impressed with their overall work. Their approach towards solving data related problem is unique and that combined with their home-grown converged platform only allows users to enable complex use cases effectively and in short period of time. An integrated ML/IE layer gives our solution a much-needed edge. We foresee lots of potential going forward and look forward to a much deeper engagement with them.”

"Unbelievably simple way of doing the incredibly complex task of analyzing our data from multiple sources in real time, correlating them and helping us predict & take super quick actions"

“The notes show this to be a great database. It has convinced me to replace Oracle BerkelyDB java with BangDB”

“We have been using BangDB embedded and we are very impressed”

“We have chosen BangDB for its persistence due to its high performance in place of Redis”

“I’m a new user of BangDB and very attracted to its performance in comparision with other NoSQL DBs in the market”

“We have evaluated BandDB and concluded that its one of the best one in terms of performance ”

“We have a startup project that require a fast database and we have decided to use BangDB as it performed best in our benchmark”

“BangDB performed better than Google’s LevelDB in our performance comparision. Great job! Cool”