Perfect for data-driven Shopify businesses


Work with sub-second latency. Analyze every activity in real-time and make quick business decisions.

Machine Learning and AI

Advanced capabilities for Machine Learning and AI with built-in models. Ability to train models.

Lead Scoring

Use built-in lead scoring models to analyze pattern, segment customers and boost conversion.


Single e-commerce app to analyze user behavior, engagement, marketing, sales, products, brands and more.

LTV Calculation

Identify the top customers based on user segments such as past sales, region or product sold to understand the flow of revenue. Modify your marketing strategies to increase conversions and drive traffic.


Ideal for all business types. Starts at just $19 per month.

Product Features


ShopIQ for Shopify can help businesses boost efficiency by up to 80%

Give your e-Commerce store an enterprise flavour with real time data analytics

Analyze data patterns, segment customers and boost conversions using predictive models

Create custom variables to track almost unlimited types of events

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Future–aligned analytics with ML & AI integrated platform

ML capabilities allows businesses to make critical data-driven business decisions faster

Identify patterns and trends in data to optimize operation variables

Train data using built-in models or deploy your own models

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Access actionable insights on real-time data with interactive customizable dashboards

Gain actionable insights from 25+ dashboards, 270+ readymade charts with enhanced data visualization

Add more dashboards, KPIs, charts as per business needs – totally extensible

Get a comprehensive glimpse of user behaviour/actions etc

Set up rules to identify interesting events, patterns and send notifications/alerts

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Get comprehensive reports to gauge business performance

Detailed and insightful reports

Perform shopping cart analysis and track number of cancelled orders

Track top products with product specific analytics

Identify and take action to rectify cart abandonment issues

Analyze checkout experience, identify, predict and reduce checkout failure

Real-time reports on customers visiting your platform over a period of time

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Limitation of existing analytics platform

Cost Intensive
High Latency
Forensic Analytics

ShopIQ Advantage

Real-time Insights
Lead Scoring
Predict Lifetime Value
Inventory Prediction
Data science platform
Fully customizable dashboards
Cost Intensive

Industry Outperformer and cost effective

How ShopIQ outdoes current market leaders

ShopIQ-logo google_analytics adobe_analytics mixpanel
~ 0.01 sec ~ 4 hours ~ 20min -
  • - Flexible Metrics
  • - Unlimited Customizations
  • - UI Based
  • - Predefined Metrics
  • - Limited Customizations
  • - UI Based
  • - Flexible Metrics
  • - Complex Customizations
  • - Configuration Based
  • - Predefined Metrics
  • - Limited Customizations
  • - UI Based
Advanced Advanced Limited Limited
$588 to $4788 / year $150,000 / year $30,000 to $100,000 / year Starts at $12,000 / year

for accelerating their eCommerce Growth




Access to all Real-time Insights
  • 270+ KPIs
  • All Analytics in Real-time
  • Single Store
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Product Analysis
  • Checkout Analysis
  • Campaign Performance Analysis
  • User Behaviour Analysis
  • Reports and notifications
  • 180 Days Data Retention
  • Reports Download
  • Number of products < 200
  • Number of events/Day 100k



Advance forecasting features with real-time Analytics.
  • Built-in KPIs
  • Real-time Ecommerce analysis
  • Marketing Campaigns Analysis
  • LTV Prediction
  • User behaviour analysis
  • REAN Indexes for better business actions
  • Reports and notifications
  • Basic support
  • 200 MB data volume per day
  • 180 Days Data Retention
  • Reports Download
  • Setup assistance
  • Number of products < 600
  • Number of events/Day 200k



Unlock full capabilities of Real-time predictive platform
  • *Everything in Basic plan, plus
  • Full advanced ML/AI Infrastructure
  • Train models, upload models, auto train models
  • Predict on streams, analyze, take actions
  • Access to Resource server - manage models, big files
  • Custom Support
  • Custom data retention period
  • 2 GB data volume per day
  • Customized reports
  • Reports and notifications
  • 1000K Events/Day
  • 20 ML Model
  • 3rd party integration support

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