The IQLECT impact

The impact IQLECT made for few of the infrastructure clients


Return on Investment


Resource reduction


Devices, applications monitored

Platform design

Platform design of IQLECT means when you use IQLECT apps, your app draws all the power from the platform. However, it also brings in key differentiators.

Unified platform

IQLECT provides single platform that can collect, process, analyze data from many tools. Reduces CAPEX & OPEX.

Break data silos

Single repository for all data. Correlate between different data sources and take critical business decisions.

AI/ML infra

Built-in AI/ML infra within the platform. Create predictive models and automate certain decision making process.


Affordable by small business to large enterprises. Scale up or down as per organization requirement and growth.

Extensible interactive dashboard

Interactive dashboard from IQLECT allows easy setup and customization of apps/solutions. While the system does all the heavy lifting in the background, users can can interact with the powerful platform using the friendly user interface without any coding.

Dashboard features
The core of the platform

The core of the platform is powered by BangDB - the fastest NoSQL DB that was built with a design to match the real-time analytics need of the future. The scalable platform is converged with all necessary software and hardware to provide users with blazing fast insights. Take a tech deep dive to learn more.

Tech deep dive

Deployment options


Deploy the platform on the cloud. Easily create an account and sign up with SaaS approach. Install apps from app store for different data sources. Deploying & setup is done within minutes.



For organizations that want to keep the data on their premise, we have hardware and software solutions that are hardware optimized. Set it up on your premise and you are ready.

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