Track end-to-end webserver activities

Monitor the webserver and the logs in real-time. Track the performance, connections and more details as event take place.


Track active connections to the webserver, requests and response on various other connections.

Access log data

How often is the webserver accessed? Keep track by reading the access log data in real-time 24x7.

Error log data

Gather every error report on your webserver. Create alerts for instant notice in case of any occurrence of error.


Receive summarized activity report for holistic overview on server performance, utilization and logs.


NGINX Server Monitor

IQLECT's Pro account & NGINX server monitor app extracts and provides teams with plenty of data to work with. In addition, the app comes with built-in dashboards, charts, key insights, analytics and more.

+ Datapoints | + Charts & Dashboards | + Segmented Dashboards

Don't just extract webserver data but receive insights on metrics that matter from the IQLECT NGINX Server Monitor app

Experience the app

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