Proactive monitoring

Monitor logs as they are written in real-time. Get alerts and act instantly and avoid incidental damages.

Root cause analysis

Delve into the log data find root cause. Navigate through linked data points and fix errors.


Integrate with third party apps using API endpoints to take automated actions on specific log data.

Pattern recognition

Recognize patterns within your logs and make maintenance predictive. Catch errors before they occur.


Analyze custom logs

IQLECT's platform can easily connect to custom log files and extract insights for data analysis. All you need to have to analyze custom logs are

1. Log location | 2. Sample log entry | 3. Regular expression

Logs for many standard applications are readily available on our app store. These require simple installation steps to get up and running with your log analysis. In case of complex analysis, combine one or more log apps with others for full-stack solution.

Learn more - Full-stack

It is to easy get started with custom log analysis

Ready apps for log analysis

Apps for different types of logs are readily available at app store

apache error log
linux syslog
mongod log
nginix error log
splunkd log
redis log
linux auth
nginx access log
splunkd access

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