Healthy server means optimum business

Our Linux server app is for organizations that want to prevent downtime, data loss and run their business operation in the smoothest way possible.

Real-time action

Take corrective action within seconds of incidents. Get to know the patterns which cause downtime and deadlocks.

Predictive maintenance

Check CPU usage, memory, network, bandwidth, file systems and perform predictive maintenane on entire system.

Anomaly detection

Automatically detect anomaly. Get alerted when something is amiss and investigate by drilling down to the root cause.

Root cause analysis

Follow the trace evidents from data and check dependencies to identify root cause of incidents with a few clicks.


Powerful tool for any Linux server

IQLECT's Pro account & Linux Server app extracts and provides teams with plenty of data to work with. In addition, the app comes with built-in dashboards, charts, key insights, analytics and more.

+ Data points | + Data Streams | + Analyzed Charts

Overall health monitor, downtime alerts and network usage indicators make up for a robust end-to-end monitoring of Linux systems.

Experience the app

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