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Visit our App Store and choose the app that you need. Apps are available for clickstream, e-commerce, log analysis, servers, payment gateways and databases. Select the app you want to use. You will be able to install more apps in the future directly from the platform. Sign-in required to install apps, so please use your login credentials.

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Setup the app

Every app has its own way to connect to data source. However, they are all pretty easy to setup. On the app's overview page, follow the instructions to begin the process of collecting data. The instructions, in most cases, are as simple as copying and running a command on a server terminal or copying and pasting a ready javascript code to your website.

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Visualize & Analyze

Upon successful app setup, the data will begin streaming instantaneously. Visit the ready-made dashboards for standard visualization and insights. Also you may try different analysis on our platform using the data that is streaming in. Visit the analysis section to slice and dice the data.



Begin with an app but don't stop there. You can customize the app by adding new data streams, charts, predictive models, R integrations and more. Extend the capabilities of the app by bundling it with other apps, create actions using endpoint API to trigger events, add new notifications and do more with the app - all from the UI.


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