Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics

What is CRM Analytics?

CRM Analytics refers to the process that analyzes data present in the CRM to reveal insights to the business about the customers to act upon. CRM Analytics provides analytics solutions about the customers that empowers data-driven decision-making.

Why is CRM Analytics needed?

Most businesses use CRM Analytics to increase their customer retention, to know and understand about their ever-evolving customers' needs. It allows easy customer segmentation to target different sets of customers, allows effective predictive modelling and allows effective and actionable web analytics.

How does a CRM Analytics tool work?

CRM Analytics tool works by tracking customer actions like website visits, product engagement activities like demo signups, webinar signups through data feeds. It also tracks customer data points like product sales & prospects engagement to recognize trends, interpret and take actions. Analytics shown on a dashboard makes easy interpretation of certain metrics needed to arrive at critical business insights.