Continuous Intelligence (CI)

What is meant by Continuous Intelligence (CI)?

Continuous intelligence is the ability of the organizations to collect, organize and analyze fast moving data in response to the real-time events. Continuous intelligence is a way for systems to identify what is happening in real-time and do something about it to continue transactional business processes and real-time interactions smoothly.

Importance of Continuous Intelligence

Continuous intelligence is being a sought after technology due to the rise of data analytics and related technologies. It is important to give a 360-degree view of the customers enabling effective customer support, for resource optimization and to make business-critical decisions

How does Continuous Intelligence work?

Continuous Intelligence leverages ML and advanced data analytics to support business automations and decisions in real-time. Data streaming and automation are the key differentiators between CI and BI. CI allows machines to acquire data continuously from various sources, analyze it in real-time and automate decisions.