Clickstream Analytics

What is meant by Clickstream Analytics?

Clickstream data in a website provides information regarding the customer behaviour and online shopping patterns. The process of collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregate data collected from the website, which contains details about what a visitor visits on the site and in what order is called clickstream analysis.

Why is Clickstream Analytics important?

Clickstream Analysis tells us about the user behaviour on the webpage. We can also analyze which are the most clicked areas/ products and which are not through this analysis. This can be especially important to analyze which information /behaviour/habits leads to clicks and reciprocate the same thing. It also helps in the right ad placements.

How is Clickstream Analysis performed?

There are two ways clickstream analysis is done. Web traffic analysis and commerce-based analysis.

Web traffic analysis focuses on how visitors navigate through the web page like how long they waited to click the hit button, which pages they visited before that.

Commerce-based analysis involves integration of web traffic analysis and data from other sources such as campaign information, visitor data, previous history and sales database.