Customer Experience Management (CEM)

What is meant by Customer Experience management (CEM)?

CEM is a technology that helps to manage the organization's interactions and experiences towards the customers both current and potential. This can be during the entire lifetime relationship or a single transaction, taking into account key touchpoints like transaction, social and brand awareness, post sales feedback and also the personal experiences towards buying a product or completing a transaction.

Why do organizations need Customer Experience Management?

CEM automatically collects and analyzes customer feedback from various sources and delivers customer insights to business to drive business-critical decisions through analytics, reporting and integration that improves the overall customer experience. CEM software also analyzes customers who are about to churn and therefore helps to take engagement activities like offering deals to make them stay for longer.

How is Customer Experience managed?

CEM usually has a CX dashboard that displays the overall or segmental customer feedback that can be viewed in a single pane. Most of the advanced CX dashboards are enabled with real-time analytics that have inbuilt customizable, role-based dashboards that allow specific / overall view of the feedback applicable to specific roles in the organization.