Campaign Management

What is Campaign Management?

Campaign management is a concentrated marketing effort which involves planning, executing, tracking and analyzing marketing effectiveness initiatives. The marketing message delivered through the campaign is usually spread across several channels and has a specific business goal.

Why is Campaign Management necessary?

Campaign Management is significant to send the right information to the customers that are adapted to their needs in the right communication style, through the right channels at the right time. The need for campaign management is important to increase sales and profits, to establish a brand image and to generate new customers.

Who performs campaign management tasks?

Campaign management is an important strategy for the marketers and the marketing managers to set the business goals aligned to the strategy.

Phases involved in a campaign management

The process of campaign management involves three phases.

Defining the strategy, Goals and the appropriate tools needed to carry out and measure. Analyze the performance of the campaigns.

  • Strategy can be Brand's strategy or the competitive positioning
  • Goals can be brand awareness, customer retention, acquisition, or increasing sales
  • Tools can be online media, email, event/trade shows, TV or radio