What is BigData?

BigData is a data that contains a huge variety, velocity and volume. These are complex data sets from complex sources that are collected in massive amounts which need special processing methods, unlike traditional data management tools.

Where is BigData being used?

BigData is used in a wide range of business activities, especially in Data analytics for Product/Service development, Predictive maintenance, Fraud detection, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and to drive operational efficiency.

The importance of BigData

The importance of BigData arises with what is capable of doing rather than how much data is collected or processed. The powerful combination of BigData and analytics can accomplish business-critical decision-making. Every organization big or small collects, processes and analyzes a massive amount of data. This BigData is very critical to all types of industries to unlock the insights that offer to drive better operational efficiency.

How does BigData work?

BigData works by involving three key phases:

  • Integrating (collect and process data to start with)
  • Managing (Storage solution for computing requirements)
  • Analyzing (analysis of data sets with ML models and AI)