What is BangDB?

BangDB is a NoSQL database written in C/C++ from scratch to scale out applications suitable for heavy lifting. BangDB is a multi-flavored database available as BangDB Embedded, BangDB Server, Data Fabric and Elastic Cache. It is a high-performance embedded database for transactional key value data which supports full ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) by implementing optimistic concurrency control with parallel verification for high performance and concurrency and is downloadable via a BSD License.

Main features of BangDB includes

  • Compatible with Multi-table types, Multi-indexing
  • Highly Concurrent Operations on B Link - Tree
  • Concurrent Buffer Pools
  • The write of data/log is always sequential and a Vectored read/write
  • Pre-allocated client buffer memory
  • Built in abstraction for Real-time data analysis
  • Most of the data structures are concurrent and capable of handling tens of thousands of concurrent connections
  • Suitable for Complex Event processing
  • Suitable for training machine learning models
  • Suitable to run R queries, building models, generating reports and charts
  • Robust and Crash-proof