Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology of providing an interactive experience of a real-world environment, where that expands our physical world by adding layers of digital information like videos, graphics, text and music into it.

Where is Augmented Reality being used?

Few instances where AR is being used: Enhanced navigation systems use augmented reality to locate routes over the real-world view of the road, Furniture and interiors giant IKEA offers an app infused with AR to let us see how a piece of furniture fits in the real-world space of our own home, Neurosurgeons use an AR projection of a 3D brain view that helps them in surgeries.

Why is Augmented Reality used?

AR enhances the interactivity which is the biggest priority now and significantly transforms the way smartphones are used. They also enhance the user experience for better engagement of mobile or game users.

Who uses Augmented Reality?

Few Use-cases for Augmented reality technology are in the following areas. Medical Training for an interactive 3D learning of parts, Retail, for a customized view of colours, features and designs, Business logistics provide warehouse lenses for workers to display shortest routes within the warehouse & Classroom education.

How does Augmented Reality work?

There are 2 groups of AR apps: Marker-based apps & Location-based apps. Marker-based apps work with image recognition technology that uses a camera to scan the image and then add a virtual image on the phone screen. Location- based AR apps use GPS to locate places nearby to offer directions, etc.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality

  • Provides personalized experiences for each individual
  • Entertain and amaze customers
  • Engage and retain
  • Explore new marketing and business opportunities