Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is a type of software that is in-built with recruiting and hiring tools for companies to act as a human resource database for organizing applications. ATS is a close comparison of CRM with a particular focus on their search functionality.

Who can use an Applicant Tracking System?

ATS is mainly used to filter a large number of resumes that are applied to a company, where manual searching and filtering takes a longer time. ATS can be used by companies of all sizes by particularly useful to companies of large size that hire multiple employees for a variety of positions, or those that tend to get a large number of applicants for each position.

ATS is used to help recruiters and hiring managers to stay organized and EEOC complaint.

How an Application Tracking System works?

A company submits all the applications or resumes to the ATS. Information is then extracted from the resume or parsed. This collected information is then segregated into different meaningful sections containing keywords. The hiring managers search through the ATS using keywords to find out the right applications that fit the role.

Benefits of Application Tracking System

With proper implementation, ATS can increase recruiter productivity, save time and deliver overall efficiency. It also provides a positive impact on the hiring process.