Application Modernization Services

What is Application Modernization Services?

Migrating legacy to new applications or platforms with the integration of new and latest functionalities to business, to become more agile and efficient is application modernization services. These include re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-engineering.

When is Application Modernization Services performed?

When the existing application has the following issues or complaints, modernization is recommended. It takes too long to find any information and the right data when the data is overflowing. It requires too many applications and takes too long to complete a task.

Why do we need Application Modernization?

Enterprises need modernization to reduce overall cost and eliminate costly maintenance and operating expenses. They also need modernization because legacy apps can be exposed to crashes anytime. Such systems are usually difficult to maintain, improve or support due to their architecture, design and technology. Legacy systems can be a barrier to digital transformation.

Who needs Application Modernization?

Enterprises that have numerous pain points around the current application that could be upgraded, need modernization. These can be legacy systems, ageing infrastructure and lack of agility and adaptation to the current technology.

Benefits that App Modernization Services offer

  • Reduces risk
  • Delivers speed
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Enhances innovation at a rapid pace
  • Optimizes cost
  • Supports regulatory compliance in a timely manner