Application Integration

What is Application Integration?

Application Integration is the process of combining workflow and data of two different discrete software applications to enhance the data flow and enable them to work together.

When do we need Application Integration?

Application integration is common in a company when it adopts a new software app to improve or replace an outdated business process or for Application Modernization & Business process Modernization.

Where is Application Integration used?

With the development of Web and Cloud applications, Application integration more commonly takes place as an external process. Often a new cloud application with a legacy on premise application.

Why do we need Application Integration?

The need for Application Integration arises from the need to move data between discrete applications. Adding new data into an application that has been integrated with another application or other apps, automatically distributes the data entered. Eliminates the need for human error & manual intervention. Mainly used to simplify and automate business processes.

Businesses use applications like ERP, CRM to process their business data. But these applications do not always provide the right innovative solution to the common business problem. Cloud and mobile apps offer easier ways. So the organizations create integrations with the old and new.

How is Application Integration done?

Application Integration is done with the use of APIs (Application Programming Interface) which are the protocols that allow application integration to take place.

Benefits of Application Integration:

  • Boosts scalability
  • Organization-wide productivity and efficiency
  • Cut overhead costs
  • Better Interoperability