Alpha Testing

What is Alpha testing?

Alpha Testing is a kind of user acceptance testing that is usually performed to identify the possible bugs/ issues before releasing a product.

When is Alpha Testing Performed?

This is usually done at the end of the development stage of a product. Usually after the system testing phase or when the product is 70% to 90% complete. Check Beta testing.

Who performs Alpha Testing?

Alpha testing is usually carried out by the internal QA and testing teams usually at the developer's site. This generally requires a lab or a testing environment and may require a long execution cycle. After alpha testing developers can immediately address the vulnerabilities and fix critical issues before a public launch. Sometimes, even the customers/end users can participate in the alpha testing.

How is Alpha Testing done?

The main goal of the alpha testing is done to identify and evaluate the quality of the product, ensure beta readiness and the main focus is on finding bugs and the working of the product.

Benefits of Alpha Testing

Uncovers bugs that were not discovered in the previous testing to get a better view of the product and its usage.