Active Directory

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows network administrators to create and manage domains, users, computers and other devices on a network. It is a primary feature of the Windows server operating system that runs on both local and internet-based servers.

Where is AD (Active Directory) used?

AD is used by any organization that has a distributed network environment which makes an extremely complex system organized and efficient to store information and data on a large network and access it through a level of hierarchy on multiple domains.

Why do we need an Active Directory?

An Active Directory is a central location in which all the information related to the domain, network hard drive and the individual machine's network information is stored. This makes all digital communication more efficient because all the network information is easily accessible and readily available.

Who uses Active Directory?

Active Directories are used by network administrators to make the maintenance process of the network simple within a large organization.

How does an Active Directory work?

An AD basically works like a database that consists of various objects like users, groups and organizational units. All these objects are in hierarchical order and are handled by LDAP. Creates a domain for all the systems in the organization, and provides a centralized management system of all the systems within the domain.

Benefits of using an Active Directory

  • Hierarchical organizational structure for managing networks
  • Ability to access and modify AD DS from multiple admin points
  • Acts as a single point of contact to access the network resources of an organization