Monitor application performance. Web apps, CRM, ERP systems, Mobile apps, Clickstream data and more.


Proactively engage database metrics across different DBs. NoSQL and SQL queries, I/O throughput and more.


Collect log data from servers, applications, firewalls, and devices to correlate against other data.


Dive deep to monitor hardware, sensors, OS and even to the network layer to complete the picture.

Analyze data across different data layers for predictive full-stack monitoring.


Watch an example of full-stack root cause analysis

Full-stack analysis

Conventional analytics may be sufficient for small teams. When you begin to grow, you need more than that to remain ahead of the competition. Patching up different analytical tools is time consuming and expensive. Instead with IQLECT all you need to do is

1. Install the apps | 2. Link data sources | 3. Begin analysis

The video at the side shows an small example of full-stack root cause analysis. You may also try using predictive models for the entire stack.

Choose the apps for your stack

Combine multiple apps together or customize them.

apache error log
linux syslog
mongod log
nginix error log
splunkd log
redis log
linux auth
nginx access log
splunkd access

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