Powerful capabilities

IQLECT platform and the apps are built with powerful features to meet every analytical needs.


IQLECT's platform and apps works in 100% real-time. This means, every features such as analysis, machine learning, data science, prediction, they all take place in real-time.

Data Correlation

Correlate data between different apps, irrespective of the sources. The platform allows data correlation between disparate apps, e.g. OS & Clickstream apps.

Root Cause Analysis

All the apps have the ability to drill down to the root cause of an issue. Relevan data points are automatically linked at app creation. They can be further customized as well.

Machine Learning

Machine learning capabilities are built-in to the platform. Every app can use the feature by choosing the appropriate algorithm and data streams.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize patterns when data is generated at different sources. The platform can handle complex events and logics to help you make critical business decision.

Data Science

Perform R operations on streaming data. The R capabilities are built-in within the platform. Every app on IQLECT platform can leverage this features.

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