Perfect for data-driven e-commerce business

Our e-commerce app is perfect for organizations that believe in data. How you collect, analyze and use data makes or breaks a business.


Analyze and gain insights from actual clickstream data instead of sampled data from the likes of Google or Adobe.


Work with sub-second latency. Fresh data has more value and IQLECT's apps give you the freshest data possible.


Built-in capability for AI and ML. Use predictive models to analyze pattern, segment customers and boost conversion.


One e-commerce app to analyze user behavior, engagement, digital marketing, sales, category, product, brands and more.


It is to easy get started with the app

You will love our e-commerce app

IQLECT's e-commerce app extracts and provides teams with plenty of data to work with. In addition, the app comes with built-in dashboards, charts, key insights, analytics and more.

+ Dashboards | + Data Streams | + Analyzed Charts

Generally used custom variables are ready out of the box. If required, you may add more variables and track nearly limitless types of events by small customizations.

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Industry Outperformer

Just a few reasons why IQLECT's e-commerce app outdoes current market leaders!


Extend to full stack solution

Start with e-commerce app but dont' stop there. Perform predictive maintenance for entire technology stack. Provide answer to complex questions spanning website, infrastructure, database, OS and more.

Proactively monitor entire technology infrastructure

Covers websites, server logs, OS, database, payment systems, applications

Detect root cause of issues even if the source is external

Predictive maintenance for entire infrastructure

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