Features of the solution

We are really excited about the promise IQLECT brings to data centers across the world

Single Pane

Replaces multiple tools used by DCs. Reduce cost, boost efficiency, enable correlation & automate RCA.

Predictive Maintenance

Real-time monitoring tool with built-in predictive analytics and machine learning feature for effective predictive maintenance.


Monitor entire DC with sub-second latency. Perform pattern recognition, anomaly detection in real-time to provide world class SLA.

Micro service

Provide analytics services for customers that purchase infrastructure. One-click deployment for all services.

App Store

Offer apps related to business of your customers. Leverage the built-in App Store that comes loaded with solutions.


Offer useful apps to end-users of your data center and monetize the solutions. Provide more for your customers and generate additional revenue.

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Micro Service Platform

IQLECT solution includes bundled App Store - a platform to offer micro-services to users and/or customers. Through the platform data centers can offer ready solutions from IQLECT or build their own solutions suited for customers.
With plenty of apps to choose from, IQLECT's App Store platform provides data centers the capability to cater to valuable customer requirements.

  • Apps available for Servers, Routers, Load-balancers, Netflow, Firewall, Hypervisors, Virtual Machines, Switches
  • Additional apps for Databases - Oracle, Mongo DB, Redis, MySQL. Logs - Splunk, Apache, NGINX, Authlog, Syslog. Clickstream & E-commerce.


There are few things only IQLECT can do for you

Unified platform

Hardware & software converged
Space based & data agnostic architecture
Deploy & scale a single machine

Break tech & data silo
Scale with ease

Real-time analysis

Novel stack built-for data processing
Based on fastest NoSQL DB in the market
Custom IO layer & use of SSD as RAM

Real-time and continuous analysis
Actionable analysis for security & fraud

Predictive maintenance

Native support for predictive models
Built-in capability for ML
Advanced analytics capabilities

Auto-detect patterns
Take preventive measures vs prescriptive


Bundled app store platform
Pre-loaded apps are included
Nuggets of solutions

Offer micro services
Generate additional revenue

The Case study

The impact IQLECT made for few of the infrastructure clients


Return on Investment


Resource reduction


Devices, applications monitored

Get started with predictive & real-time insights.

Awe your customers with additional services

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