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IQLECT Featured in “Top Data Science Service Providers in India 2019”


It’s an immense delight for us to share that – IQLECT is featured as one among the Top data science service providers in India, 2019 as per Industry-leading Insights Provider Analytics India Magazine. 

The survey results placed us as challengers with the greatest market maturity to the pioneers.

The Awards Methodology:

It’s the result of an extensive analysis of 70+ analytics and data science service providers in India

  • The analysis included,
    • Operational metrics 
    • Maturity in terms of data science product offerings
    • Geographical reach
  • Some of the matrices that they took into consideration were, 
    • Analytics employee strength
    • Client acquisition and reach
    • Employees tenure and attrition rate
    • Percentage of work done in advanced analytics
    • Predictive modelling and business intelligence
    • Current annual revenue
    • Adhoc projects, yearly R&D budget and more. 

Analytics India Magazine at a glimpse:

  • Since 2012, striving to build an Analytics and AI ecosystem like none other, trying to bridge the gap between the various elements of the Indian Analytics Industry.
  • 100K Subscribers
  • India’s leading online platform chronicling advances in Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  • Hosting India’s Biggest Analytics Conferences “Cypher”​ & “​The Machine Conference”​.
  • Former executives of Goldman Sachs & HPE started AMI

Over recent years, the growth of the Analytics industry in India is at a freakish $2.71 billion in revenue annually. Enterprises went through a major shift towards intelligent automation, AI and Machine Learning while they collaborate with Data science service providers. 

Considering this, the Analytics India Magazine (AIM) structured a vendor benchmark report that analyzes the Penetration & Maturity Index of Service Providers (PeMa) in a quadrant across the country as the data science vendors are the key contributors in enabling data science growth. 

Below is the representation quadrant, that places all the top service providers according to the market penetration and the maturity rates in 2019. IQLECT boasts of robust training and delivery approach and has emerged significantly in terms of maturity and penetration.

AIM quadrant IQLECT
AIM quadrant featuring IQLECT

Spotlight: IQLECT

IQLECT is a predictive data analytics platform which helps companies improve their revenue through higher conversion rates and optimize their business by enabling continuous and real-time operational intelligence. IQLECT’s focus area is infrastructure and web analytics, with capabilities to enable edge and hybrid computing for device, sensors, logs, clickstream or other unstructured data. With Integrated AI and streaming capabilities, IQLECT helps companies to add advanced use cases in a simple, scalable and autonomous manner.

25 Members Squad – Fire in the Amber –  Path-breaking Approach – Startup Agility and Enterprise-grade – Adding Sense to Data via Analytics – Challengers to Pioneers

We are IQLECT. 

We solve real-time business problems through real-time predictive analytics. 

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