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Making it “Remarkable Together” – IQLECT made it to the NetApp Excellerator program in its 6th Cohort


NetApp, a leader in data management and hybrid cloud has chosen IQLECT as part of its sixth cohort for the NetApp Excellerator program. We are excited to have made it to the team. The program so far has mentored 29 B2B technology startups through its five cohorts and focuses on a sponsored PoC model. 

Along with IQLECT, five other startups that made it to the cohort 6 were Aikaan Labs, Cyborgintell, Koinearth, Kubesafe, and Myelin Foundry. 

This platform unleashes the potential of the solutions that the startups can offer to the real-world and also provides an opportunity to connect with relevant NetApp partnerships and tech platforms.

About the NetApp Excellerator program:

NetApp Excellerator program is a startup accelerator program that creates the best opportunities for startups to make world-class products and innovative solutions. This four-month program involves mentorship sessions and industry connect that leverage global reach, technology expertise to catalyze growth, and success for startups. These startups also benefit from the Netapp platforms technologies, tools, HR, Marketing, Legal and Tech support. NetApp also provides co-working space as well as connect with some relevant investors to benefit the startups selected in each cohort.

While shortlisting startups, the NetApp focusses broadly on the following three parameters.

  1. Data-driven models
  2. Global appeal
  3. Talent

NetApp Excellerator program has a wide array of startups on board from a diverse set of technology areas including Cloud, IoT, BigData analytics, Machine Learning, Virtualization, Cyber Security, Kubernetes and containers and Artificial Intelligence. 

IQLECT with NetApp:

We are sure that this program is a real opportunity for us to make a difference in our business, standing to gain a lot of learning experiences. The innovation and support that NetApp offers through this program will empower us to change the world of data by providing a pathbreaking solution to our customers.

“Before applying for NetApp Excellerator program, we did in-depth research about the program and analyzed previous cohort startups which made us confident about this program and will enable us in inducing growth to us significantly. Go-to-Market with NetApp will help us in reaching out to some distinguished players in the market who are aiming to solve critical business challenges to achieve operational intelligence which IQLECT will solve using real-time and predictive data analytics” – Sachin Sinha, CEO and Founder IQLECT and Author of BangDB

As a Real-time predictive analytics platform powered by AI, we empower operational intelligence through a data-driven world and drive organizations to improve efficiency to build their use cases in a simple and time accelerated manner on cloud or on-premise. IQLECT’s BangDB designed for such use-cases is offered for free under a BSD license for users and developers to build solutions on top of it. 

We have also planned to launch a newer version of BangDB with the novel “NoSQL +AI + Stream” model which is aligned with the future innovation.

Looking forward to the journey with NetApp and thereby an unstoppable success coupled with innovation and efficiency. 

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