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IQLECT launches ‘ShopIQ’ to provide real-time analytics for ecommerce businesses


E-commerce businesses are now looking for more data on their consumers so that they can optimize their marketing and operations efficiently. You need to have concrete statistics, knowledge of trends, and consumer habits to build a marketing strategy that can garner conversions in the long run. Above all, you need to meet customers’ expectations and know their preferences so that you can provide them with a better and personalized experience.

Due to various limitations, most of the currently available solutions offer very limited data on customer activities and actions. Even, data reporting also takes around few minutes to hours to reflect. Hence, you can still do personalization but only based on segments. What if instead of this segment-based personalization you can deliver 1-on-1 personalization for every customer in real-time. Now, top that with machine learning and you get a powerhouse of actionable insights.

To solve the problem of real-time data, we recently launched ShopIQ which provides e-commerce businesses easy access to real-time affordable analytics and machine learning capabilities. Store owners can now analyze real-time activities on their online store. With the help of actionable insights, they can provide better experience to their customers and improve the conversion rates.

Customer loyaltyShopIQ is equipped with built-in and advanced reporting features as well as customizable KPIs that provide deeper insights related to user analysis, cart analysis, product analysis, order analysis among other key business metrics. Retailers can make streamlined, data-driven decisions faster in an automated manner.  You can easily understand the full impact of the data through interactive, easy-to-use and fully-customizable dashboards.

In a research conducted by Baymard Institute, it was found that 60% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to unexpected extra costs while 26%  have done so because of  long or complicated checkout process. With ShopIQ, ecommerce businesses will be able to process large volumes of data from thousands of data points seamlessly. They can use valuable actionable insights from actual clickstream data to chart their store’s growth and performance. This would help in addressing issues related to cart abandonment, checkout failure, customer engagement, personalization and take instant actions on them. Some of the key features of this app are as follows:

Quick Setup
Get started within minutes quickly with basic features

Fully featured
Single e-commerce app to analyze user behavior, engagement, marketing, sales, products, brands and more.

Real-time unsampled data
Analyze and gain insights based on actual clickstream data and stop relying on sampled data. Work with sub-second latency. Keep a track of every activity on your online store in real-time and make quick business decisions.

ML & AI Capabilities
Integrate advanced machine learning capabilities to take critical data-driven business decisions faster.

Predictive Analysis
Train predictive models to analyze pattern, segment customers and boost conversion.

Ready-made dashboards & charts
Ready made dashboards and charts to gets you started easily

Customizable Dashboards
Take full control with fully customizable dashboards, reports, variables and notifications.

Reports and notifications
Receive regular updates regarding specific business metrics through e-mail and API calls and also share with the team using the reports and notifications functionalities.

We are focused on to dive deeper into the ecommerce analytics industry and provide a robust and affordable platform for analyzing customer behavior data in real-time through actionable insights. With integrated machine learning and AI capabilities, one can predict and determine the critical business opportunities.

Learn how ShopIQ can take your ecommerce business to the next level

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