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How IQLECT App will Raise the Bar of Customer Experience for Shopify Stores


The data-driven approach to meet business challenges has become a necessity today due to the increased competition in the online retail sector. The e-commerce market is constantly shifting, and the retailers need to keep pace with the changing scenario to make sure that they are fulfilling the customer requirements.

As opposed to the brick-and-mortar stores where the establishment and the location play a crucial role in the development of the customer base, the online businesses majorly rely on customer service and products for the same purpose. Also, to build a successful and sustainable e-commerce business, it is necessary to invest in customer experience right from the beginning when they drop at your online store, make a purchase, to the time when they leave. IQLECT’s Shopify App fulfills all these requirements by providing an in-depth analysis of the e-commerce data that is collected in real time.

Furthermore, read below to know how IQLECT’s Shopify app would ensure a great customer experience for your Shopify store:

Interactive Landing Page

Business teams need to analyze e-commerce data related to the orders, visitors, checkouts, products, and customers that they receive on a regular basis so that they can make instant changes in the business plans. In such a case, instead of going through every single data input, it would be better to keep an eye on the crucial attributes that might create a huge impact on the profitability of the e-commerce business and for this, an interactive dashboard that regularly updates information about the store-related attributes can help a great deal to draw quick insights.
Interactive Landing Page of IQLEC's Shopify App
Our Shopify app is equipped with a user-friendly interface and has dashboards that give an in-depth insight into what is going on your online store. You can easily track down the customer journey and use the information for making their experience better every single time they visit your online store.

Apart from that, you can also view the product-related reports such as the cart values, order progress status, popular brand, and many more in real-time. With this app, you can do a complete page analysis of the store and determine the pain points that might be causing hindrance in your business.

Our Shopify app makes it possible for anyone with minimal technical skills or knowledge to get insightful answers related to the business metrics. This would eventually save a lot of time of your team of analysts who need to be consulted for even the slightest of information discovery.

Effective Drill Down Process

While dealing with complex and fast-moving e-commerce business, problems are sure to come up along the way. Keeping the potential issues in mind, you need to strategize on how to deal with the complicated business problems in a manner that will allow you to get down to a suitable solution as quickly as possible.
Order Drill Down
Drill down process can act as an ideal solution for any e-commerce business as it helps in determining the root causes of behavioral patterns which are often nestled deep within the data such as abandoned carts, orders count, the name of customers who have canceled the order, etc. By using IQLECT’s Shopify app, you can process such information efficiently and make instant business decisions to boost conversions.

As an example, consider the breakdown of a main stream named ‘Orders’ and its child streams namely ‘Orders count’ and ‘Abandoned carts.’ By initiating the drill down process, you can analyze even the basic of information on the orders such as the total discount, the total price of the items, along with the total taxes. Once you are through with the process, you can draw insights from the graphs that are generated for each stream.
Order Analytics Using IQLECT APP

Get Real-time Notifications

Timely analysis of the e-commerce data can be beneficial for the business teams to take quick actions and act upon the marketing strategies that would garner conversions. Mailing the business reports across teams is an ideal solution and would save on a lot of time.

Users of IQLECT’s Shopify app would be able to receive updates and notification related to their online store through e-mails and API calls and shares it with the members of the team. With this feature, you will get timely updates on what is going on your store and receive notifications that you might have defined for keeping you informed frequently.

For instance, you can set the notification for the canceled orders by setting a notification template and specifying the time period within which you want to be notified along with the notification message. Doing so will help you to keep track of the number of canceled orders and take the business actions as per the need of the hour.
Analyse data as it happens using IQLECT App

Analyse Data within Seconds

E-commerce stores receive a continuous flow of data and keeping track of huge amounts of data can sometimes prove to be cumbersome for the business teams. In such a scenario, what would be better than getting information about the activities that happen every second on your online store? By integrating the IQLECT’s app on your Shopify store, you would be able to keep track of everything that is happening at a given point in time on your online store. With functionalities such as ad-hoc analysis, you can extract information within a time range and make business decisions that would be profitable.

IQLECT’s Shopify app will enable you to keep pace with the increasing customer expectations and deliver relevant experiences at each step of the customer journey. With a robust interface, powerful analytics features, and real-time mechanism, we help to connect all the touchpoints that would be beneficial for your Shopify store. Stay tuned to know more about the Shopify advanced e-Commerce app.

  1. Jet with Jen Jet with Jen

    Very interesting! The landing page feature seems to be an excellent feature. It’s awesome to have the ability of all analytics at your fingertips, in one page. Accurate, real time data with less man power sounds ideal.

    • Deepak Pal Deepak Pal

      Hi Jet, thanks for the comment. We are really glad that you find our article informative. Please do subscribe us for more updates.

  2. BushraZ Blogs BushraZ Blogs

    Wow, very cool app…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ amazing features and yeah seems like it’s easy to use..πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  3. Kemi Kemi

    Quite a bit of analytics there which is great for e-sellers. An app for everything.

  4. Abhinash Sharma Abhinash Sharma

    Is your Shopify solution ready? I think it has been quite some time since the “coming soon” section came up.

    • Deepak Pal Deepak Pal

      Hi Abhinash, Our solution is ready and will be available soon for free trial. Please contact us via filling the form on website to get the access or allow us to talk to you regarding the same.

  5. Dalene Ekirapa Dalene Ekirapa

    I just love how tech is making things so easy! I also run an online store on my blog and IQLET sounds like it’s something I’d also want to try. It’s feature on real time notifications has to be my favorite.

    • Deepak Pal Deepak Pal

      Thanks Dalene for such nice words about our solution. Yes, real-time analytics is our biggest strength.

  6. Monidipa Dutta Monidipa Dutta

    I must say that the idea is really great. To build a successful and sustainable e-commerce business, it is necessary to invest in customer experience right from the beginning when they drop at your online store, make a purchase, to the time when they leave.

    • Deepak Pal Deepak Pal

      Hi Monidipa,

      You are absolutely right. User experience is one of the most important aspect of e-commerce business.

  7. Jennifer Prince Jennifer Prince

    Oh wow! This sounds great for those who do have stores. I have thought about selling small items someday – good advice!

  8. Takara Ayana Takara Ayana

    Sounds like a great app! I will be opening a Shopify shop this year so I will keep this in mind!

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