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How Can You Achieve Customer Intelligence through ShopIQ App?


One of the major challenges that e-commerce retailers face is to understand their customers – how they interact with the brand across different channels, their interests, and when they want a specific product. However, acting upon such huge amounts of information can sometimes prove to be a cumbersome task to manage and draw actionable insights.

IQLECT brings you the ShopIQ app that will help you make informed decisions regarding your business and also connect all the touchpoints related to a customer that will help in understanding their behavior on your website. With this app, you will be able to achieve the following functionalities:

Predict what the customers want even before they do

Customers have become highly active on online stores, and they want e-commerce retailers to know what they are interested in so that they get the best possible services. Today, one cannot just get along with the batch and blast methods to garner a customer’s attention and instead need to provide content that is specific to every individual who visits their website. You need to know how you can target the customers and create better experiences for them. In addition to that, you should be able to act fast when it comes to meeting a customer’s demands and using real-time analytics for this purpose can help you achieve the same.Predict Customer Behaviour by ShopIQWith the ShopIQ app, you will get a complete understanding of the requirements of your customers’ by using the in-built machine learning models or by creating powerful predictive models yourself so that you know what the customers’ want even before they actually do. The app also comes with advanced machine learning capabilities which can be used for making data-driven decisions faster. With such features, you will be able to get useful insights related to customer behavior.

Analyze campaigns to make better marketing decisions

Customers reach your website through different channels and expect a consistent experience every time they visit your website. And for that, you are required to deliver better customer experiences that are personalized and that too in real-time. This can be achieved by initiating marketing campaigns that would garner their attention instantly.Analyze Campaigns with ShopIQShopIQ app provides campaign analysis dashboard feature that would help you realize the effectiveness of the campaign that you might have started to attract the customers.  Using this feature, you can analyze the number of visitors who reached you through the campaign, sales made through a particular campaign, along with other details related to it.

Get customer-related information in real-time

E-commerce websites get heaps of data, and it is sometimes impossible to get it all together and draw meaningful insights from it. If the information that is collected on a daily basis remains scattered, then that might lead you to miss on some of the most valuable segments related to customer information across every channel.Real Time Customer Information with ShopIQTo manage this, you can use ShopIQ’s customer analysis feature that helps you draw insights from the information related to a customer- whether it is total amount spent by them during the purchase, the referrer through which they have reached the website or their purchase history.

ShopIQ gives you the features that you need to get customer-related insights that are nestled deep in the data so that you can build campaigns and manage different aspects of your e-commerce business. Stay tuned to know more about the real-time analytics app.

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