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How Can Email Reports Feature of ShopIQ App Leverage Internal Business Communication?


The e-commerce marketplaces are one of the most complex ones in the world – with billions of transactions daily. Besides, handling the level of data scale that the online stores receive can be a complex task and might present challenges for the various teams in an organization.

Scheduling reports can prove to be a great way to keep the team members in a loop and provide them with information that will help them do their jobs more effectively and dive deep into the e-commerce data to draw useful insights. For instance, the sales teams could benefit from the weekly highlights of the overall revenue or the less preferable brands so that they can devise campaigns to boost conversions.

With IQLECT’s ShopIQ app, you will not only be able to draw insights from the e-commerce data but also collaborate and share data with others. Here are some of the ways in which the E-mail reports feature will prove to be of great help in generating alerts for the various teams in an organization:

1. Generate timely alerts

Timely analysis of the e-commerce data can be beneficial for the business teams to take quick actions and act upon the marketing strategies that would garner conversions. Mailing the business reports among teams on a regular basis is an ideal solution and would save on a lot of time.
Interactive dashboards by ShopIQ
Email Reports feature available with the IQLECT’s Shopify App (Named as ShopIQ) enables you to generate notifications related to the dashboard on a timely basis. You can set the timing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your requirement. You can keep an eye on specific aspects of your e-commerce business and generate useful insights from that data that you are receiving on the website.

2. Share reports with the members of the team

In order to stay productive in the competitive e-commerce industry, the various departments in an organization need to stay alert enough to respond to the sudden changes in the market trends and grab the potential opportunities. Also, it is best to share the reports with the team members regularly so that they can work on them immediately and draw useful insights.

The same can be achieved using ShopIQ app where you can share the relevant reports and dashboards with specific users or even groups that you might have created on the app. This would help in streamlining the flow of information among the teams and improve internal communication which would eventually be profitable for the e-commerce business.
Shareable reports by ShopIQ

3. Choose dashboards that you want to share

The interactive dashboards provided by IQLECT will help you to take a look at insights which are often nestled deep within the data such as abandoned carts, orders count, customers who have canceled the order, etc. Using these, you will be able to process such information efficiently and make instant business decisions to boost conversions.

Using the Email Reports feature, you can provide access to these dashboards to the members of your team and decide on whom all can access them.

On a final note, for any metrics and dimensions, you can think of that will bring value to members of your team, IQLECT’s ShopIQ app can automatically generate reports so that you can take quick actions and ensure transparency in your organization. Stay tuned to know more about the Shopify advanced e-commerce app, ShopIQ.

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