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Crozdesk Market Radar Showcases ShopIQ as a Market leader in 2020


That’s a great beginning for the year. IQLECT is deeply honoured and takes great pleasure to share that Crozdesk Market Radar Positioned ShopIQ as ”One of the analytics software market leaders in 2020”.

Crozdesk is the most advanced business software discovery platform. Since 2014, they help buyers find and compare between 1000s of software products across 250+ different categories.

Their analyst-grade reports, curated software stacks, expert reviews, user recommendations and other resources help millions of businesses around the world boost their productivity through software.

Crozdesk Market Radar is a fully automated chart that envisions the relative positioning of the top softwares of a specific niche. It compares vendors in terms of their overall solution strength and their size/market share.

The radar features 4 segments:

Champions, Market Leaders, Product Leaders and Challengers.

According to Crozdesk,

Products in this category help turn raw data into actionable insights, helping businesses make more informed business decisions. These vendors are often legacy solution providers or have strong marketing functions that exceed the current solution strength. Price points in this segment are often higher and geared towards larger companies.

Crozdesk market radar
Crozdesk market radar

The Crozdesk Market Radar below shows a snapshot of the most important Analytics software products on the market. The X-axis indicates overall solution strength, as determined by the Crozscore AI algorithm, and the Y-axis is an estimation of the product vendor’s size.

ShopIQ market leader radar
ShopIQ market leader radar


ShopIQ –  Analytics Market Leader:

Are you in search of a power-packed, cost-effective, all-in-one tool to get customer behaviour insights, nestled deep inside the data that can help you manage different aspects of your e-commerce business?

Here comes the saviour! ShopIQ.

ShopIQ is an enterprise-grade advanced eCommerce analytics solution built to address the persistent problem of scaling real-time analytics, through predictive analytics and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

Ready to explore great business insights and grow your business with one of the market leaders?

Book a Demo with us. We will surprise you with results and complement you with growth.

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