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General information about Big Data Analytics and others

Clickstream Analytics


An Introduction Clickstream can be defined as a sequence of events generated by clicks on a website. When a visitor is on a website and interacts through clicks (or touch…

Real-time analytics in E-commerce (Part-2)


  In our earlier blog post, we introduced why e-commerce companies needed to have a continuous and live view of their business as opposed to the more prevalent method of…

Data center colocation benefits and drawbacks


Is it the right solution for you? Data center colocation or server colocation are an interesting option for many organizations. In-house facilities can be expensive, managed facilities may not provide…

Real time analytics in eCommerce


Traditional retailers and store owners have always grappled with the difficulties of customer retention and loyalty and have been the foremost adopters of methods that help them understand their customers…

Analytics with BangDB


Introduction One of the main goals of BangDB is to allow user to deal with high volume of data in an efficient and performant manner for various use case scenarios.…