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Posts published by “Sachin Sinha”

Sachin Sinha is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. After working with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Jabong he started IQLECT. He is passionate about data and machine learning. He has written one of the fastest, robust, multi-flavored NoSQL database Called BangDB from scratch.

BangDB vs LevelDB – Performance Comparison


This post is about performance comparison for BangDB vs LevelDB. Following are high level overview of the dbs. LevelDB LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that…

Analytics with BangDB


Introduction One of the main goals of BangDB is to allow user to deal with high volume of data in an efficient and performant manner for various use case scenarios.…

Redis vs BangDB – Performance Comparison


This post is not related to our series of posts on “distributed computing”. I have digressed a bit and since I released the BangDB as master -slaves config cluster hence…

Model of distributed system


Post #2 of the distributed computing discussion series  Previous post gave the high level introduction of the distributed system. In this post we will discuss about model of distributed system.…

Distributed System – a high level introduction


Post #1 of the distributed computing discussion series This is the beginning of the series of articles/blogs on the distributed computing. I will try to first put forward some of…

Welcome to Grid Quorum


A quorum is the minimum number of votes that a distributed transaction has to obtain in order to be allowed to perform an operation in a distributed scenario. A quorum-based…