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5 Tips to Improve Conversions of Your Online Store


Conversion rate is expressed as the percentage of website visitors who convert on an offer. To increase the conversion rate on your online store, you need to determine the specific expectations, needs, and pain points of your audience so that you know what clicks with them and what doesn’t.

One way to achieve this is to introduce visuals, attractive offers, and compelling call to action buttons (CTAs), to make an impression on the visitors who might want to come back and convert later.

Let’s look at some of the tips to improve conversions on your online store:

Optimize the product pages for better representation

You need to make sure that the product pages are convincing enough so that they lead the visitors into buying the products. For this, you can improve the navigation on your store so that it become easy for shoppers to find the products they are looking for.

You can also provide catchy and unique titles for your products as they help in improving the website’s ranking and also enable the shoppers to search for the products that they are looking for. Another important consideration is the product images, which can clearly show the different aspects of the product along with its varied uses. Similarly, you can use videos to help the customers understand the functioning of the product along with its appearance.

Use personalization to improve customer experience

According to a report by Gartner, personalization helps in increasing the profits by 15%. By showing your customers personalized offers and content that are relevant according to their past purchases and interests, you can garner conversions at a significant rate. This can be done by collecting and analyzing data through social analytics which can show what they like, where they belong to, and whether they are new or returning customers on your online store.

Use email marketing to get visitors back

Another way is to use email marketing to get back your customers. For instance, when people leave your site after taking a look at a product but without purchasing it, you can send them emails related to those products and deals that are applicable on them to spark an interest.

Reduce the chances of cart abandonment

When it comes to sharing personal and financial information, lack of trust is one of the major reasons for losing customers. As online frauds have been affecting the customer bank accounts lately, customers are less likely to complete a purchase if the usual trust guidelines or symbols are missing. To tackle this, you can introduce a proper SSL certificate which delivers a warning message if the connection is not secure. Along with that, you can also use security logos such as Verisign or PayPal verification.  

Unexpected shipping costs are another turn off for the customers, which is why you should keep them transparent when the customer is browsing through the products.

Also, when you get a notification related to an abandoned cart, reach out to the concerned person and ask them whether they faced any issue during the purchase. There are times when a coupon code doesn’t work, or the card fails to authorize. During such situations building a personal outreach can help in a great way and can build relationships.

Improve the online checkout process

Having an optimal front-end might give a boost to the online store but the checkout surpasses all other website elements. In a report, it was found that a complicated checkout process might be one of the reasons for low conversion rate as shoppers start losing interest due to prolonged process.

To optimize this, you can capture the user’s email address early on and ask them to choose whether they want to check out as guest or create an account. When it comes to the cart pages, you should remove unnecessary clutter on the page and make the call to action page obvious and clear.

Another key thing is to provide multiple payment options to customers as each one of them as varying loyalties and affinities towards different providers. This would make the payment process much easier.   


Conversions are important as they help in determining the success rate of any ecommerce business. To ensure optimal conversions, it would be a good practice to keep the above mentioned tips to achieve better results. 

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