Our Goals

Our goal is to democratize real-time data analysis. For this we provide high performing and easy to use tools as Software-as-a-Service or converged unified box as private/hybrid cloud.


Make Real Time Big Data Analytics simple, pervasive and affordable for all


Build cost effective, ready to use, all-in-one converged Real Time Big Data Analytics Platform


Our Products

Our analytics products are designed to be deployed within minutes on SaaS. Additionally we also offer on-premise solutions.


Engage website visitors and make them feel special in real-time. Pre-loaded with charts, analytics and insights.


Handles the e-commerce analytics end-to-end. Predictive insights and analytics on visitor, products, brands, categories, marketing & sales.


Predictive maintenance for your devices, applications and sensors in real-time. Analyze various types of log files.


Performance management for SQL and NoSQL database. There are apps for Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL and more.

Payment gateway

App for tracking payment gateway and acquiring bank transactions. Monitor success ratio, failure rate and other custom metrics.

Data centers

Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection for servers, routers, hypervisors, load-balancers, VMs, protocols and more.

Bundle one or more apps + slight customization = Full-stack solution.

Who We Are

IQLECT is team of talented tech and domain experts led by Sachin Sinha.

Sachin Sinha